Specialty Equipment

We purchase all types of specialty equipment. From manufacturing, test and industry specific machines, let SBOL help you find solutions for your hard to sell equipment.

South Bay Office Liquidators has an extensive network of specialty equipment purchasers who are constantly looking for equipment. These groups allow us to offer you best prices. From medical to manufacturing and all categories in between, SBOL can help find solutions for any and all your specialty equipment needs.

Items we typically look for include:

  • Air & Water reclamation, purification or filtration
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Printing, Laminate, Binding, UV Curing, Large Scale Printing Machines & Plotters
  • Packaging equipment of all types
  • HVAC,CRAC, Roof Top A/C Units, Computer Room Flooring, High End Carpet Tiles, Air and Liquid Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Air Filtration
  • Large Scale PCB Test Fixtures
  • Telecom - PBX, Central Office Switch and VOIP
  • Power - Generators, Transformers, UPS & Switch Gear, Battery Back Up
  • Cranes and Hoists
  • Environmental & Test Chambers, Ovens, Tube Furnaces, Incubators
  • Biotech - liquid handlers, sequencers, analyzers, inspection & measure, glove boxes, desiccators, centrifuges, spectrometry, chromatography, fermentation, extrusion, evaporation, condensation.
  • Semiconductor process equipment - stress test machines, etching, grinding, polishing, vacuum, pumping, inspection, micromanipulators, probers, bonders, measuring, sputtering, freezing & refrigeration, cryogenic, metrology, silicon film process, ultrasonic, stencil, screen printing, re-flow, wave solder, pick & place, insertion.
  • Medical - Sterile surgical light sources, tables, gurney & chairs, x-ray equipment, plate handling, washing, staining, magnification, inspection, radiology, endoscopy, pulmonary, skin or eye lasers, ophthalmology, sterilizing ( steam, dry heat, UV, radiation ) Instrumentation.
  • Test & Measure Equipment Including - Radioactive measure, RF & Anechoic chambers and related equipment
  • Industrial Equipment - Saws including Laser & Water, Mills, Lathes, CNC, Shearers, Brakes, Crimping, Bending, Drilling, Grinding, Bead Blasting, Gear Reduction, Metal & Wood working Tools and Equipment.


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